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Tenant Survey

Increased Tenant
Satisfaction at PPI

For the second consecutive year, we have surveyed all our tenants about their satisfaction with the tenancy. Public Property Invest (PPI) is pleased to report a continued rise in both engagement and satisfaction in 2023.

The tenant survey was conducted by Nemeet Research and distributed to all 200 of our lease agreements, with 91% of them being public institutions. The survey is conducted across the industry, allowing PPI to benchmark itself against other market players.

In the survey, tenants are given the opportunity to evaluate several aspects of their tenancy, such as personal service, building and premises standards, handling of deviations, rent, sustainability measures, communication, and location. The responses to the between 40 and 50 questions result in the key value KTI (customer satisfaction), measured on a scale from 0 to 100.

While the response rate among PPI's tenants increased from 65% to 74% compared to the previous year, it is gratifying to note that our KTI is also increasing, from 70 to 73 points. This positive trend occurs at a time when most landlords are experiencing a declining KTI.

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«The results of the survey say something about how well our tenants thrive in their buildings and how well they feel taken care of by us as landlords. Together with the regular tenant meetings held twice a year, this provides valuable insight into what works and what we can improve. We are pleased to see that targeted work generate results.»

- Morten Kjeldby, CEO.

Based on tenant meetings and responses from last year's survey, specific goals were defined for 2023-2024:

  • Strengthen communication with tenants to enhance the tenancy, increase trust, and maintain a good relationship.

This will be achieved by:

  • Communicating about the company’s and building’s brand through words and actions.
  • Communicating the benefits that the company provides to tenant, the property, and the environment.
  • Actively working to adjust tenants' expectations regarding price, standard, and deliveries.
  • Providing tenants with relevant information about the tenancy, property, and operations.
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«These are things we have focused on throughout the year, and we hope tenants have noticed a difference. Fortunately, the survey responses suggest so. However, the most important aspect is the dialogue we have with tenants throughout the year. We wish to pick up signals as early as possible. Now, we will set new goals to work on in 2024.»

– Morten Kjeldby