We value transparency – both internally and externally.

We are a company that values internal and external transparency. So this is where we display information about the company. Our quarterly and annual reports will be published here.

The Board of Directors

The company’s Board consists of five representatives, as described below. There are two representatives from the majority shareholder and three directors from other shareholders.

ChairmanKenneth Frode Goovaerts Bern
Board memberArnt Rolf Hillestad
Board memberSilje Cathrine Hauland
Board memberGerd Ylva Göransson
Board memberIlija Batljan

The Board’s shareholdings

The majority of our owners are professional industry property players. We have around 400 shareholders in total. The Board of Directors holds approximately 50 per cent of the company’s shares.

Below is a list of the shareholdings held by the Board:

No. L.O Nr Shareholder Shareholding (%)
1 917537968 Chrisanic Eiendom AS 0,6853%
2 922644330 Gatekeeper AS 0,0268%
3 971050896 Maso Holding AS 0,5724%
4 914149703 SBB Samfunnsbygg AS 44,8311%
5 927963906 Telecom AS 4,552%

Company shares

The shares in the company are freely negotiable, and registered with Nordic VPS. If you are interested in buying or selling shares in the company, please contact Arctic Capital AS at the e-mail address bg@arctic.com or by phone +47 48 40 32 67.

Financial calendar

26. Feb 2024

Annual Report 2023

Read our Annual Report here.

The dates in the financial calendar are provisional and may be changed without further notice.